Featured Binders

These premium ringbinders will amaze you. Our Visionflex Binders are perfect for affordable full-color cover graphics. Fabricflex Binders offers an upscale deluxe finish. The sewn-edge and exotic texture of the Edgeflex Binders exude class and elegance. Check out our Woodflex and Leatherflex binders for ultimate handcrafted perfection. Colorflex Binders are sure to impress with it's durable construction and vivid printing. 


Van Bind is a custom manufacturer of menu covers, ring binders, diploma covers, clipboards and more. Our premium products are lovingly crafted in Canada and will exquisitely highlight your brand.

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Vancouver: 604-872-8132  |   Toronto: 647-951-1655
Vancouver: 604-872-8132
Toronto: 647-951-1655